Daisy-Chain. London. Topshop princess with the rockstar attitude.

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Anonymous said: Your pathetic

Oh, please. I really just wish you would all fuck off back to your little silly life’s, honestly go outside and breathe in the fresh air and look at some plants or go educate yourself on grammar. Just fucking leave me alone.

iampangolinblue said: okay thank you for standing up to that shitty anon you can do or say whatever the fuck you want and frankly, I like your description :) also nice blog!! :3 <3

Thankyou lovely, they’re just sad people sitting behind computers looking for the attention they don’t get at home, I feel sorry for them actually.

Anonymous said: 'topshop princess with a rockstar attitude' that sentence made me sick in my mouth

Good, sweetie I don’t give a fuck

someone talk to me, or anons?

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"Thank you very much" - Alex Turner x


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my friend was looking so chic in her fur coat in the metro, my life is like a movie these days, I love it, I love life, isn’t that nice?

I admit, I now like The Strokes

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Miles trying to rip alexs head off.
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Anonymous said: you say he is a stuck up twat yet you like the king of stuck up twats liam gallagher

Liam Gallagher can get away with it, this little preppy twat from New York can not.

Anonymous said: why so much hate for ezra/ vampire weekend?

He is just the most irritating, stuck up twat, Jesus fucking Christ. Like, urgh he winds me up so much, why does everyone praise him? Like his fucking tweets he makes ‘suk a dog dik’ or whatever the fuck he says, isn’t even funny and he is literally awful. Urgh.

oh please, just fuck off

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Drowners, Reading Festival.